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If you want to help out the campaign, do whatever you like. Leisure time is a luxury that too few of us enjoy and spend doing the things that truly enrich our lives and rejuvenate our spirits. Do what is enriching to you, and if you happen to find a way to do it in a way that helps out, all the better. Tell your friends, your neighbors, your knitting circle, 12-step group, or whomever about me. If you hate my guts, tell an enemy about me, why not? Beyond word of mouth, you can tag bathroom stalls* with my campaign website or print materials with links to my social media accounts and website. If your feeling generous, rent a billboard getting my name out there or slandering my political rivals*.



 *Lujan for Colorado does not condone or endorse acts of vandalism, libel, or slander. Any such acts undertaken by individual supporters or detractors are strictly their own.

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