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Jp is a strong, goal oriented man with good family values and a knack for fully dedicating himself in whatever subject or project comes his way. He cares for his fellow people and is always looking out for others. Whatever effort he is fighting for or promoting, you can always expect him to put in his all every step of the way full heartedly, there is noone else I'd rather represent my state . No empty promises, no BS. — Matthew Allan

One of my first impressions of JP occurred through us chatting at a bar and me becoming impressed then intimidated by how much knowledge is stored in that head. JP understands the people- not just from being within current conversations and comprehending the cultural zeitgeist and ethos, but through having and practicing empathy. JP truly cares about the well being of all, which is evident. As a future polymath, JP has expansive knowledge of anything from biological psychology to political science. — Colton Lee

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