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Are you for real?

I am as real as it gets. Though there are some issues, points, and positions I approach with pronounced sarcasm; I take on situations according to the degree of serious merited in the moment. I take the security, comfort, and livelihood of my fellow Americans very seriously.

Are you a liberal or conservative?

In this day and on this political landscape, words have been abused to the point of being stripped of their meaning. I am a concerned American above all. In terms of policy, I've found that many of the proposals I outline have floated in circles all across the political landscape at different points throughout history. However, in the interest of transparency, I will not deny that many of my positions are more common among people who are considered left of center in the here and now.

What do you mean by "A real progressive voice"

"Progressive" is a descriptor applied to many different policy positions, social and political movements, and even entire parties over the course of the last century or so. As with any label or any movement, there is good and bad. To, me progressivism is a matter of advancing the fundamental tenets of this nation's founding to such a point that they are accessible and available in equal measure for every American. Progressivism is advancing the good and discarding the bad from its spiritual, theoretical, and philosophical ancestry. For instance, the progressive movement of the 1910s and 1920s included Prohibition, and that was really dumb.

What is the Guillotine Act?

The Guillotine Act is a last resort measure still in its embryonic stages. It is, to be frank, something of a running joke. It is becoming more serious as Americans continue to struggle under the weight of moneyed interests and the government's negligence.


You kiss your mother with that mouth?

Where do you think I learned it? I do not self-censor. I am a real person with a lived experience that has included a great deal of using colorful language to express myself. Words are seldom inherently good or bad. It's all about how we use them. Our political establishment has used its power for bad, so I use "bad" words in my criticisms.

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